KidSafe Foundation

KidSafe Foundation’s new program Stay KidSafe!™ is on track to provide safety education to 10,000 students in Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee, and Dade Counties.  This would not be possible without the support of Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County and their understanding that supporting children means supporting their right to safety.  With a report of child sexual abuse verified every nine minutes, CFPBC is ensuring that children get the tools that help them tell and have power over their own bodies.  Thank you Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County!
Laura Askowitz

CEO, KidSafe Foundation

YMCA of South Palm Beach County

I would like to thank you for your generous donation of bicycles for our graduating preschoolers. What a fabulous reward and surprise to present to our kids. Because of you, youth in our community are able to be active and create wonderful memories with their families while learning to ride their bicycle. With COVID, this opportunity to encourage physical activity is most critical to children, both physically and mentally.
Jason Hagensick

President & CEO, MCA of South Palm Beach County

Sweet Dream Makers

The Partnership grant of $50,000 to Sweet Dream Makers will have an immediate impact on 200 local children and their caregivers in need of a bed and bedding resulting in improved behavior, homework, habits and grades.
Suzanne Broad

Executive Director, Sweet Dream Makers

Fuller Center

Thank you for all you do for our children –the Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County makes life happier for so many children who count on us.
Ellyn Okrent

CEO, Fuller Center

Best Foot Forward

We are very grateful that Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County has deemed our organization worthy of its support, and we thank you for your heartfelt thoughtfulness and generosity. Your generous contribution will guarantee that our students have one-on-one academic mentoring, consistent support and all of the necessary school supplies that they need.
Debbie Ellman and Donna Biase

Co-Founders, Best Foot Forward

Bound for College

You and your team have leveraged the resources of the Fdn. To ensure that local underprivileged student have what they need to succeed. Because of you, they are Bound for College!
Kirsten Stevens

CEO Bound for College

Thank You


Thanks to the Children’s Foundation of PBC, 60 caregiving youth had the so important time to just be a kid, have a break from their home caring responsibilities, and bond with peers at overnight and/or summer Camp Treasure – they so deserve time for fun!
Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD

President & Founder, American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY)

Boca Helping Hands


Boca Helping Hands focuses on addressing the critical problem of childhood hunger through our BHH Backpacks Program. This program would not be possible without partners like Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County, whose grant helps to fill 3,444 backpacks feeding children at over 10 local elementary schools during the school year.
Greg Hazle

Executive Director, Boca Helping Hands

Bound for College


We have wanted to expand our tutoring program to include the disadvantaged students at Boca High School for a number of years. This grant has given us the opportunity to reach an entire community of deserving kids who are thrilled to be able to consider going to college, most of them being first generation college bound. Support from organizations like Children’s Foundation of PBC can make an immediate, powerful difference in the lives of kids right in our back yards.
Kirsten Stevens, MBA, CFRE

Chief Executive Officer, Bound for College

Florence Fuller Child Development Center


The South Palm Beach County non-profit community is so fortunate to have an active base of volunteers and donors, and we all see the benefit in collaborating to help kids and families in need. The Children’s Foundation of PBC has done an incredible job of bringing the non-profits together to share ideas and resources to help local kids and families.
Ellen Okrynt

Executive Director of Florence Fuller Child Development Center

KidSafe Foundation


Children’s Foundation of PBC’s support significantly helped develop CampSafe—education for camp counselors and staff to ensure that campers are safe and that the camp experience is part of an empowered childhood. This enabled us to partner with a large camp staffing firm to provide this new training to 4,000 camp counselors. Their passion to protect children shows in their commitment to partner with us to prevent, and promote resiliency from, childhood trauma and abuse.
Laura Askowitz

CEO, KidSafe Foundation

Nat King Cole Generation Hope


Our pride and joy is the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Summer Strings program which gives underserved children the opportunity to have access to quality music education. Thanks to Children’s Foundation of PBC we have been able to fund this unique program for the past six years and are so grateful for their support.
Timolin Cole

Co-Founder, Nat King Cole Generation Hope

College Scholarship Recipients


This past June, the Foundation begin its initial “last dollar” college scholarships in conjunction with the Viner Scholars. Ayanna Camara and Orel Yoshia each will receive $7,500 per year to cover costs beyond their tuition scholarships.

Junior League of Boca Raton

JAN 28, 2016

Dear Mr Adler:
As a member of the Junior League of Boca Raton, I want to thank you and the Children’s Foundation of PBC for the generous donation to the Diaper Bank. With the support of the Children’s Foundation of PBC, the Diaper Bank will reach even more deserving young mothers. Community organizations working together make a tremendous impact in our area. We are so proud to be working with you all on this project. Thank you so much for embracing the mission of the Diaper Bank.
Yours truly,
Barbara Hill

JLBR President (1993-1994)

JAN 26, 2016

Dear Children’s Foundation of PBC:
We are so grateful for your new partnership with the Junior League of Boca Raton! This will be a fabulous partnership!
Thank you.
Cindy Krebsbach

JLBR President (2002-2003)

The Giving Tree

SEPT 11, 2015

Dear Giving Tree,
Thank you for buying me a nice bed, I really appreciate it. The bed is so soft it feels like I’m in a cloud. You are the best, thank you for all your support.
Laziera Bonner (daughter) & Tabika Knowles (mom)

AUG 25, 2015

Dear Giving Tree,
Thank you for the bed it was beautiful. It was the best thing anyone gave to me. I will always remember this.
Sameerah Moises

AUG 25, 2015

Dear Giving Tree,
I am thankful for the bed. Now I am able to sleep at night without waking with a hurting back.
Samuel Moises

AUG 25, 2015

Dear Giving Tree,
Thank you so much for those beds, it was a blessing from God. My son was too big for the broken bed he has. My daughter was sleeping with me, which I was having pain in my body every day because my bed is too small for two. Thank you again. My kids and I were blessed with those beds. God Bless!
Rose Moises

Camp Wewa



FAU Band Camp


As usual the kids who attended FAU’s Elementary Band Camp were terrific. The advanced band was especially good, these kids put their heart into learning their instruments in such short time. A special thank you goes to the FAU instructors and the music teacher from each school for going the extra mile for these kids. There was an overflow crowd of parents and friends to hear this concert. The parents are grateful that the opportunity is there and it would not be possible without the Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County.
Herb Harris

Boca West Member



Our summer elementary band camp was our largest ever with close to 200 students attending. Our partnership with the Children’s Foundation of PBC offers these under-served yet deserving student musicians the interest and motivation to become high-achievers and remain in school through their new-found passion for music.
Dr. Kyle Prescott

Director of Bands, FAU Department of Music

Legends for Youth Baseball Camp

Thank you for your support of this year’s Legends for Youth Baseball Clinic. We had 100 participants and enjoy a wonderful day at the skill clinic with 12 former Major League Baseball Players.
Neal & John Meany

Camp Treasure

Thanks again so much for the goggles and supporting Camp Treasure! The kids loved them, you can tell by their smiles!
Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD

Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County


Thanks to the generosity of the Children Foundation’s of PBC, 150 of our Club members received new clothes and toys for a magical Christmas, the opportunity to experience a summer sleep away camp and tennis and golf lessons. Most importantly, the children received safe transportation from school to the Club every school day in a shiny new air conditioned bus where they were able to participate in positive educational and character building programs under the supervision of caring adult mentors.
Jaene Miranda

President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County


Thanks to the support of the CFPBC, the Boca Raton Boys & Girls Club partners with Scope each summer to provide summer camp opportunities at Lake Winona for 50 plus club members. This opportunity allows club members to build confidence, independence and social skills while enjoying a safe summer at sleep away camp. In addition, Club members from the Boca Raton Boys & Girls Club attend golf and tennis camps at Boca West each year. The camps teach students the importance of communication, team work, self-control, fitness and dedication.
Christine Galenski-Martin

Development Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County

Boys and Girls Club Holiday Event

DEC 24, 2013

Thank you for running an amazing event for these children. It was a morning no one will ever forget.
Marjorie Madison

DEC 23, 2013

To all the wonderful Boca West volunteers and staff, there are 200 lucky children and their families who feel special and whose holidays will be brighter because of all you do! I want to capture the joy that was in the room and keep it in my heart all year long. I hope you are all still standing, I know I am, I know the Boys and Girls Club children are and we all will be for a long time!!! Thank you again!!
Kae Jonsons

DEC 23, 2013

What a great event! My wife, daughter and I were so grateful to be included. Looking forward to participating in many other CFPBC events.
Gregg and Merel kallen

DEC 22, 2013

You did a stellar job organizing a truly special and seemingly extremely appreciated day for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. Rich and I really enjoyed participating and bonding with our selected child. Thanks so much for giving us and the kids a very rewarding morning, (and giving our bodies a much-needed rest from our sports activities). See you around the Club.
Jane Zenker

DEC 21, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for exposing us to this wonderful event and giving us the opportunity to help out. I can only say I got far more out of the morning than my new friend.
Steve Spaeth

Thank You from the Foundation to the Volunteers

WOW! What a great day! over 200 kids mentored by over 200 volunteers. Everything ran like clockwork. The truckers broke the world’s record for putting the Harvest Baskets together, the buses were on time and the shopping was almost perfect (more cash registers next year), then to the Club to excite the kids with our Star Wars characters and all the pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc, that the kids could eat. Toy distribution, magicians, face painting and of course, holiday songs made the day just perfect.
Thanks to the immense efforts of the staff at the Boys and Girls Club. Thanks to the caring staff at Children’s Foundation of PBC. Thanks to the Directors of the Foundation. Thanks to the employees at Old Navy and most of all thanks to you, our volunteers. You saw first hand how appreciative the children were of your efforts.
See everyone next year and hopefully at the Charity Golf Challenge, Cocktail Party and THE CONCERT for the CHILDREN, starring Diana Ross.
From all of us to all of you, a very Healthy and Happy New Year.
Board of Directors

Children’s Foundation of PBC

SOS Children’s Village


We sent 24 kids to a sleep away camp this summer through Children’s Foundation of PBC’s support of our SCOPE program. The kids were able to build their social and teamwork skills, while enjoying outdoor activities.
Jillian Smath

Executive Director of SOS Children’s Villages

Sweet Dream Makers


Children’s Foundation of Palm Beach County has made dreams come true by providing new beds and bedding for more than 150 children and families in Palm Beach County who had been sleeping on floors, couches, sharing small mattresses, or in otherwise unsafe or inappropriate conditions. Today they are better rested and prepared for school, work, and daily challenges thanks to your generous support.
Suzanne Broad

Executive Director of Sweet Dream Makers

Unicorn Children’s Foundation


Through the support of Children’s Foundation of PBC, we have been able to provide nearly 100 teens and young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn functional academics, independent living skills, and employability skills. As a result, 8 of these young adults are now employed and have found purpose, meaning and a sense of belonging within their communities.
Sharon Alexander, M.H.Sc.

CEO, Unicorn Children’s Foundation

Youth Activity Center


Children’s Foundation of PBC has been an integral partner with the Youth Activity Center, as we are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The children are the beneficiaries of your continuing love, concern, and support of our educational programs.
Mark Finkelstein

Chairman, Board of Directors, Youth Activity Center



The Children’s Foundation of PBC provides life-saving support for the JAFCO Children’s Emergency Shelter which accepts children at any time of the day or night when they have been abused, neglected or abandoned and are all one in the world, including our precious newborn babies who were born exposed to opiates and other life threatening substances, who are nursed back to life by our staff and volunteers, who hold nurture their tiny bodies until they are fully detoxed from the drug exposure.
The Children’s Foundation of PBC provides a life line to families raising children with developmental disabilities with their support of the JAFCO Children’s Ability Center Respite Program which gives parents that much needed break to relax, sleep, spending time with their partners and typical children, and also time just to breathe while their children are making friends, learning new skills and having a blast at the Ability Center for the day, overnight or up to two weeks per year per child.
Sarah Franco

Executive Director, JAFCO